LaLiga Select

THE Profesional
Talent Platform

Developed by the best league in the world, LaLiga Select is the official youth talent recruitment platform of LaLiga in the United States.

LaLiga Select exists to provide a legitimate and established selection process for youth soccer players in the United States who want live and train like the PROS!

How It Works

Players will go through 3 stages during the LaLiga Select recruitment process: LaLiga Talent ID in the USA, LaLiga Showcase in Spain in front of LaLiga Technical Directors, and a Training Camp for the best players with various LaLiga youth clubs in Spain.


Talent ID

Professional Coaches & Scouts from LaLiga will run a 2 day training session to identify talent in each ID venue. The training sessions, which are recorded, will consist of exhibition games, skill tests and physical assessment. All the players will be divided by age and ability at all times.

LaLiga will create a profile for each participant. After going through the LaLiga evaluation process, some of the best players from each Talent id session will be selected to advance to the next stage. Players are selected by two primary criteria: skills and on-field character. There is no guaranteed number of selections from each location, it is all dependent on true ability.

Participants in the Showcase stage are the best players scouted by LaLiga scouts and selected from the Talent ID stage. This talented group of players will have the opportunity to travel to Spain for 10 days, train at different LaLiga Club facilities, play against some of the best teams in the country, and engage in a full agenda of unique and valuable soccer activities. Showcase cities vary each year based on club availability and LaLiga preferences.


Throughout the entire Showcase, all the players will be followed and evaluated by a group of professionals from different LaLiga Clubs. The purpose of the Showcase is to see how individuals act and perform within high pressure and competitive environments. The outstanding performers will advance to the final stage, Training Camps with LaLiga youth academies.


* Invite only

Training camp

* Invite only

Outstanding performers from the Showcase will be selected to represent North America during exclusive Training Camps with LaLiga youth academies. Players advancing to this stage fulfill all of the requirements needed to become professional players: Talented, outstanding attitude, and excellent discipline.

Training camps are a duration of 2-3 weeks in which players will live as if they belong to the club.